CT Airport Transportation


Hines Limousine Services has been in the airport transportation business for the past twenty years, serving all major airports in the tri state area. We offer speedy and always comfortable services though out this region. We are ready to serve you twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. Call Us At 800-848-5484.

Luxury Transportation & Affordable Rates for Tri-State Area Airport

We are fully licensed and insured and locally owned and operated. We provide top of the line taxi services. We go anywhere at any time in order to provide for your transportation needs. Connecticut Airport Transportation provides taxi services for CT Airport Transportation and CT JFK Transportation. Other destinations include CT LGA Transportation, CT EWR Transportation, CT HPN Transportation, CT BDL Transportation, and general Airport Transportation in CT. Airport Transportation in Connecticut and Airport Services in CT are a part of our fleet of services ready for your business.


Our drivers are experienced and professional. They are trained for safety and timely travel around all the major airports including CT JFK Transportation, CT LGA Transportation, CT EWR Transportation, CT HPN Transportation, CT BDL Transportation, Airport Transportation in CT, and Airport Services in CT. Our services travel to other destinations that may include businesses, hotels, colleges, residential areas, private schools, and casinos.

CT Airport Transportation covers many areas of business, and the Airport Transportation for Connecticut welcomes all corporate accounts. Airport Transportation for Connecticut rates are set by the Department of Transportation. Airport Transportation in Connecticut follows strict standards of operation set by the state departments of oversight.


The Connecticut Airport Service offers discounts for reserved travel. If you schedule your trip in advance, then your travel rates will be lower and receive priority service. We have many flat fee rates for the surrounding suburbs of various parts of town. Ask us, also, about cash discounts.


With the heightened security measures that have been implemented for domestic and overseas travelers, you should be aware of the new requirements regarding your baggage for the airlines. As you know there are more check points for today’s airline customer, and knowing what to expect is, also, important. There are certain items that you just cannot pack anymore. Please be sure to call in to your particular airlines or check online for the list of prohibited packing items.

There have been FAA rules recently put into place in order to combat certain safety measures. With the advent of some of the more extreme emergencies with the airlines, the new and modern passenger must know what to pack and what not to include.

Some packing items are not acceptable on both domestic and international flights. Some kinds of baggages are no longer acceptable for taking on an airplane altogether. Please be sure to find out what is something that you can take on board with you. The size and kind of bags are regulated as well as the content. Try to check ahead before you get to the airport in order to avoid the problems ahead of time.